A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Tommy is a slightly rounded square trying to get down a hill (he doesn't know it's endlessly long, don't tell him). Breathe in when close to the ground to jump up and breathe out to blow yourself forward. Score is determined by horizontal distance and maximum air time.

This game was made for the first Game Maker's Toolkit game jam.

How does your submission match the theme?

There is basically only one mechanic in the game: breathing. All movement happens by breathing in and out. By breathing in, the player expands and jumps in the air. By breathing out, the player can control its rotation and velocity.


  • Breathe in: ↑
  • Breathe out: ↓
  • Breathe up: →
  • Breathe down: ←
  • Reset: R
  • Toggle Mute: M (Game starts muted)




  • Design and programming by Jjagg and Jeffersyno
  • Beautiful artwork by Jeffersyno

The game is open sourced on GitHub: https://github.com/Jjagg/gmtk-jam2017

Note: Mac is untested but should work technically, so I decided to upload it anyway.

Install instructions

Unzip the archive and run the .exe.

On Mac and Linux you need to have a Mono runtime installed. Then run the exe with mono by executing `mono [game].exe` from a terminal.


Linux.zip 3 MB
Mac.zip 3 MB
Windows.zip 3 MB

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